The LRC’s mission is to coordinate short-term and long-term recovery efforts and maximize all available resources by not duplicating efforts. This organization represents Larimer County as a region, not just Larimer County the government. And its reach is long as this group is also networked into other recovery efforts across Colorado.

To organize our community’s resources and track unmet needs, the LRC has split themselves into three cross-sector focus areas:

1) Workforce & Business Services

2) Community Support Services

3) Government, Education & Policy 

There are regional task force teams actively working and communicating in virtual meetings under those focus areas to identify needs and innovative solutions or funding sources.

This recovery is also about resilience and not going back to what was… but moving forward by strengthening some of the things that just weren’t working for some members of our community. We have a triple bottom line approach we pledge to incorporate in everything we do. Every project or action will consider the following core values:

1) Social Equity & Inclusion

2) Economic Health & Resilience

3) Natural Environment 

The Larimer Recovery Collaborative Participating Recovery Partners: