We need your feedback!

We are seeking community feedback for our Larimer Recovery Collaborative COVID-19 Recovery Plan. This includes an overview of how COVID-19 has impacted our community, and also guidance on implementation strategies to move forward in helping our community recover.

Please take note that our base plan data ends in August of 2020. We had to develop a deadline for data collection in order to move forward with the data collection process. Additionally, you will also note that our implementation strategies have some areas where more information is needed for the strategy to be fully developed. This is intentional, as we wanted to ensure that as we move further into recovery, and better understand the long-term impacts of the pandemic, that we can identify where we best modify our strategies.

How does your feedback help?

Resilience begins at the community level. If we do not have a good understanding of how COVID-19 has impacted our Larimer County community members, it is difficult to ensure that the recovery actions we take are truly beneficial for the community. Your feedback and input is crucial in ensuring we allocate funding and direct resources toward where they will make the greatest impact in our county.

Additionally, as we mentioned above, the long-term impacts of COVID-19 are not yet clear. We can make predictions and assumptions based on current data today, however the event has not yet ended, and continues to have an impact on our community. Therefore, we must be adaptable and flexible as we move into true recovery, and it is possible our priorities and strategies may change. Your feedback throughout this process will help us to determine whether changes will need to be made.

Click on the images below to access and download the documents. 

To provide feedback, we are asking community members to utilize the following Google form. Click the link to access:


If you do not feel comfortable filling out a Google form, no problem! You can email Shayle Sabo, Pandemic Recovery Manager at sabosn@co.larimer.co.us to request to provide feedback.