Larimer County is healing from months of historic wildfires. From the Cameron Peak Fire to the East Troublesome Fire, our area has suffered from more than 100 days of fire starting in August 2020. The Larimer County Long Term Recovery Group (LTRG) is formed and working with Larimer County officials to rebuild, recover, and repair. The LTRG, utilizing skilled case managers, identifies and assists fire survivors who do not have adequate personal resources for basic needs and recovery. Our trained disaster case managers are here to listen, and to help create a personal actual plan to guide your family towards recovery.

Disaster Recovery Assistance for Larimer County Residents: (970) 232-1150 or

Photo courtesy of Tracy Hines, Larimer County

Here are a few examples of what your disaster case manager can do for you:
  • Identify your unmet needs
  • Establish a personal recovery plan
  • Locate services and funding resources
  • Assist with rehabilitation, housing, and construction projects
  • Client advocacy
  • Schedule volunteer labor

The Larimer County Long-Term Recovery Unmet Needs Fund will be used specifically for long-term recovery needs of Larimer Count residents affected by the 2020 Larimer County wildfires. United Way of Larimer County is serving as the fiscal agent for the Fund. Requests for funding must go through our disaster management process. 

To be eligible for assistance, residents must have suffered losses due to the Larimer County fires in the second half of 2020. Residents must meet with the LTRG disaster case managers, who will assess situations, identify resources, and refer residents to possible sources of assistance, including funds available from the LTRG.

The LTRG is governed by an Executive Committee made up of community leaders.