LTRG Executive Committee 

Officers that provide direction to the other standing committees

LTRG Case Management

Recovery case managers partner with survivors to develop a recovery plan.  Case management works with survivors to find resources, navigate agency services, partner with volunteers and find funding for Recovery.

LTRG Debris/Construction Management 

Assists wildfire survivors with rebuilding or repairing their damaged homes.

LTRG Emotional & Spiritual Care

Provides emotional care and spiritual support to survivors and informs survivors of resources available in the community.

LTRG Housing Support Services 

Partnering with LTRG Case Management, secures rental, purchase and permanent housing assistance for wildfire survivors.

LTRG Unmet Needs

Works with the case managers to match financial resources with the unmet needs of wildfire survivors

LTRG Volunteer Management 

Manages all staff, local and incoming, to assist and provides logistical support for incoming volunteer work teams.  Works with case management to connect volunteer groups and survivors.


United Way of Larimer County has established the Long-Term Recovery Fund. This fund will be used specifically for long-term recovery needs of Larimer County residents affected by the floods. United Way of Larimer County is serving as the fiscal agent for the fund.